Over the last seven years, Dalai Lama Fellows has succeeded in creating a vibrant global community of millennials who apply universal values toward solving social and economic challenges. This past year, however, has brought more questions than answers for those of us working to make the world a better place.

As we welcome Spring and the symbolic onset of new birth and new ideas, Dalai Lama Fellows is excited to launch Fervently Asked Questions 2017.

FAQ 17 was initiated by our LifeLong Fellows to ask the questions that will drive the solutions, applying DLF's universal-values perspective to the increasingly horrific realities that face us all. Our experiences and the questions that arise from these interactions with each other and the world are often the most promising basis for deepening connections and enabling solutions to arise.

We hope that you will engage with us in an online conversation about how our work of reimagining leadership can move us towards solutions that last.

Please consider making a donation now to support DLF’s deepening impact, including:

  • This year, training 26 newly-named 2017 Dalai Lama Fellows, millennial leaders from 13 countries, to lead with universal values

  • Building on the lessons we’ve learned over the past six years, to create a new Head, Heart, and Hands Curriculum that incorporates contemplative wisdom and neuroscience into an accessible and practical new virtual online learning platform

  • Supporting Fellows’ integration of universal values into their projects at field locations throughout the world, including for the first time Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, Nicaragua and the West Bank

  • Continuing to seek remedies for complicated cross-cutting issues that range from poverty remediation to inter-ethnic hostilities to girls’ empowerment and educational equity

  • Beginning to adapt our curriculum and methodologies to reach new constituents beyond the core circle of Fellows

We are grateful for your donations and look forward to continuing our important work with your support.

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Dalai Lama Fellows


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